6 Signs Your Vehicle is in Trouble

It’s not always easy to understand your vehicle and what it needs. Sometimes, your vehicle can have problems that don’t become evident until much later. While there’s little you can do about these hidden problems, there are some telltale signs that can promptly indicate that your vehicle is in trouble.

If you see any of these six signs, make sure to take corrective action as soon as possible.

Slow Acceleration

When you push the accelerator, your car should ideally pick up speed and go fast. If it’s not accelerating despite flooring the gas pedal, you may have a problem at hand.

It can mean you have a clogged air filter that keeps your combustion chamber from receiving enough clean air. A car repair expert can easily resolve this problem.

Squeaky Brakes

Hitting the brakes often results in a squeaky sound, especially when you push the pedal too hard, too quickly. While isolated incidents are alright, if you hear the squeaky sound frequently, don’t take it lightly.

It can mean your brakes are losing their fluidity and may cause more problems for you in the future. It can also lead to a hazardous brake failure if not dealt with at the right time.

Trouble Starting

If your vehicle doesn’t start easily or requires multiple tries to get it running, you should consider digging deep to find the actual problem. From engine troubles to battery problems, you may be facing a wide range of problems. Ignoring these issues can worsen the situation, leading to irreparable damages.

Smell of Gas

If you can smell gasoline inside the car’s cabin, don’t dismiss the smell as normal.

It can mean your car’s leaking gas, and it may quickly result in bigger problems for you. If you smell gas, proceed with caution. Get immediate help from an expert and resolve the root cause of the problem.

Thumping Sound

Is your car making more spluttering and thumping noises than usual? It can be for a lot of reasons, and you must listen to these car sounds closely. Most likely, the thumping sound is a result of a malfunctioning exhaust system. On the other hand, a spluttering noise can mean there’s trouble with the car’s engine.

Person replacing car tire.

Excessive Smoke from the Exhaust Pipe

If your car is releasing a trail of dark grey smoke, it can be a sign of trouble.

Your car has a coolant in place that keeps it from overheating. Excessive smoke can mean your coolant is burning and heating up your engine. It can be due to a blown gasket, damage to your vehicle’s cylinder, or problems with the engine block. The smoke must never be ignored, especially if it’s dark in color.

If any of these problems have left you stranded on a highway, a strange area, or even your home, get immediate help.  

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