Expert Auto Repair Services in Maricopa County, Arizona Areas

Struggling to start your vehicle? Looking for urgent tire assistance? Dealing with a flat or faulty battery? Having fuel problems? Struggling to work your way around an overheating engine?

At Regal Towing, we provide reliable, safe, and timely auto repair support. Whether you’re stranded on the highway or stuck in your own neighborhood, we’ll reach you on time and provide the assistance you need so you can get back on track. No matter how complex the situation may seem, you can count on us for expert assistance.

No matter how careful you are, roadside troubles can afflict you when you least expect it. At Regal Towing, we’re always ready to step in when you’re in a bind. Our auto repair experts have extensive experience in examining, diagnosing, and resolving a wide range of common roadside problems.

We specialize in:

  • Brake Service and Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Battery Repair
  • Engine Repair
  • Exhaust System Repair
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Air and Cabin Filter Repair

Whether there was a collision or your vehicle is giving you trouble for no apparent reason, our experts will carefully examine the problem and repair your vehicle, saving you a ton of time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

We have a short arrival time of 30 minutes or less and offer 24/7 availability, 7 days a week. In short, you can rest assured that help will be right around the corner whenever you need it.

Over the years, we’ve provided auto repair services to a wide range of vehicles, both private and commercial. If you need a hand, give us a call at 480-273-5433 and we’ll get right to it!

A Quick Overview of Our Services

Flatbed Towing

We use heavy-duty flatbed tow trucks to transport vehicles from one location to another.

Battery Jumpstart

If your vehicle won’t start, you need to jumpstart your dead battery. Give us a call, and our pros will immediately take care of it.

Fuel Delivery

Speedy and risk-free fuel delivery. Save money, double down on efficiency, and guarantee a sufficient supply of fuel at all times.

Lockout Services

Locked out of your vehicle? No problem. We’ll be there just in time and help you get back on track.

Tire Assistance

Flat tire? Over-inflation? Under-inflation? Emergency brake damage? Misalignment? Cracking and bulging? Give us a call and we’ll offer custom tire assistance.

Long-Distance Hauling

Need to transport your car over a long distance? Multiple cars, for that matter? We specialize in safe, secure, and reliable long-distance hauling. Your car will be in perfect condition before and after the haul!

Large Equipment Hauling (Tool Boxes, etc.)

Hauling heavy equipment can be a hassle. At Regal Towing, we take care of it for you. Our team safely transports cumbersome equipment at low prices.