On the Road or By the Sea: Should I Tow or Ship My Car?

Moving your vehicle from point A to point B isn’t as easy as driving from point A to point B because it either isn’t possible or practical. Think about moving your car to another state or another country. That leaves you with options for either towing your vehicle by road with the help of a tow truck or shipping your vehicle by the sea. But, which is the best method for vehicle transportation?

Towing Your Vehicle

The hook and chain tow truck

Back in 1916, Ernest Holmes of Chattanooga, Tennessee, invented the auto wrecker with a lifting jib from his 1913 Cadillac to help a friend in need. Needless to say, the invention of attaching chains, a pulley, and hooks have saved us the hassle of towing vehicles. Tow trucks have evolved since, giving us the integrated, hook and chain, wheel-lift, and flatbed tow trucks. The idea is to park the vehicle atop the trailer or on a platform that can either be fixed on top or towed by the tow truck. Car towing is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is an affordable choice to cover routes lesser than 100 miles. The most preferred method for towing is the flatbed tow truck as it eliminates any chances of wear, tear, and damage.

Shipping Your Vehicle

Shipping cars by the sea

Shipping a car involves moving the vehicle by sea, which means that it’s recommended for longer distances that can take weeks to reach the destination. You can ship your car anywhere in the world! Generally, because the ship transports multiple cars in one go, the shipping rates tend to be relatively low. You never have to worry about what routes you need to take, which accounts for fewer miles on the car.

Your Options for Mesa, Arizona

The final call for deciding whether to tow or ship your vehicle relies upon the type of vehicle being moved, whether the vehicle is operational, and the distance to be covered.

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