Indulging in fast food while on a road trip.

Preparing Your Vehicle For A Road Trip

Road trips have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions and increased risk of exposure to the virus on public transport, families are now relying on their vehicles to take them to their destination.

A road trip can be incredibly fun when planned well. You need to strike the perfect balance between how long you’re on the road and the amount of time spent exploring the places you drive through. Here are some tips on planning a road trip with the family this summer.

The most important part about heading on a road trip is having a reliable vehicle. Here are some ways to prepare your vehicle for a road trip:

Check the battery

The first thing on your list should be battery maintenance. The connection of the battery must be tight and corrosion-free. If there’s any corrosion on the battery head, disconnect the battery and thoroughly clean the connectors with a wire brush. Batteries carry acid that can leak out and corrode the outside of the battery.

It’s also important to have your vehicle’s battery professionally checked once it has passed the two-year mark.

Inspect the belts and hoses

The engine belts and hoses are crucial for keeping the electrical system of your vehicle intact. This means the belts and hoses are responsible for the power steering, cooling system, etc. If the belts and hoses are cracked or frayed, have them repaired by an expert. Check the owner manual of your vehicle too. Some vehicles require the belt and hose to be replaced after every 60,000 miles.

A person figuring out the map for a road trip.

Replace filters and fill up all fluids

Check all the fluids in the vehicle before hitting the road. These include the power steering, engine oil, brake oil, windshield fluid, and transmission fluids. If your vehicle is due an oil change soon, make sure you do it before the road trip. Make it a point to check the vehicle’s coolant (antifreeze) too. It must always be up to the level mentioned in the vehicle’s manual.

Save the number of a reliable towing service

While you’re preparing to have a great time and a safe road trip, it’s always advisable to have a reliable towing service in your contact list. You never know when you’ll require roadside assistance.

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