The car engine stopped working, and the car broke down on the icy road

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Your car can break down for multiple reasons; some you can control, while some are beyond your control. However, every time you feel your car breaking down, you start panicking because you feel unsure of how to proceed with the situation. After all, nobody likes getting stranded on the road with a car that refuses to start, right?

If you have ever found yourself in this situation and you didn’t know what to do, keep reading to prepare yourself for the next time it may happen!

Turn On Hazard Lights

As soon as you feel your engine is spluttering or your car losing momentum, turn on the hazard lights and pull over. The hazard lights indicate the other drivers on the road that your vehicle has run into a problem, and they should drive around you. This is important because you can avoid unnecessary honking around you, and there is a lower chance that the traffic gets disrupted.  

You may also get help from a person near you they see you’re in trouble.

Steer The Car Away from Main Road

Even when your car dies, there’s some momentum left in the tires that carry it forward despite a busted engine. As soon as your engine stops, steer the vehicle away from the main road to let the momentum take you off the road. You can also get others to push your car to the side. This will ensure that your vehicle does not cause a bottleneck in the road and consequently a traffic jam.

Pull Emergency Brakes

Don’t ever think you can make it home when your car is on the verge of a breakdown. If you continue driving, your vehicle may stop in the middle of the road, and it may become even more challenging to fix it. Move to the side of the road as soon as you can and pull the emergency brakes. These brakes will keep your car from moving on its own, and it will stay parked.

Stay in or Near Your Car

Many people tend to leave their cars to search for help, far away from the vehicle itself. This is not advisable as you are leaving your vehicle vulnerable to theft. There is also a chance that with hazard lights on, someone may come to help you but leave because you are absent.

Car breaks down and needs emergency towing service in Mesa

Call for Roadside Assistance

Instead of trying to fix your car yourself, immediately call for roadside assistance. Calmly tell them what happened and ask them if there is anything you can do yourself. If they offer you any tips, try doing them, but don’t force your car to start running.

If you don’t know much about cars, you can cause damage to the vehicle when trying to fix it yourself. While waiting for roadside assistance to come, stay inside or near your car patiently. Depending on how far you are from them, the service should reach you at the earliest.

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